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Meditation for Keeping You Steady and on the Path

This is a mantra and meditation that keeps you on the path. This meditation will integrate your time and how your internal self deals with all the projections through time. In the midst of all thoughts, emotions, and commotion, this meditation keeps you on the path.

How to do it:

Sit straight in easy pose. Hold your hands palms down with the right hand on top of the left hand. Keep the hands level with the Heart Center. Eyes are focused on the tip of the nose or 1/10th open. Chant the mantra 3 times on a single breath. Continue for 31 minutes chanting:

Hari Nam Sat Nam Hari Nam Hari
Hari Nam Sat Nam Sat Nam Hari

“The first part of this mantra aligns the powerful creative flow of life (Hari Nam) with your personal Identity and destiny (Sat Nam). The second line aligns your intuition with your intention so the unseen hand of spirit supports your fulfillment. You are alert to any positive or negative input that can sway you from your essential path. You can find the silver lining in any cloud. You defend by awareness, not by reaction or threat. You guide your project through all the interest that would interfere or stop it. You pass the challenges and sail towards fulfillment. When balanced, you can say and mean, ‘All this life is Your Gift. The pain and tragedy are as sweet as nectar’” ~Gurucharan Singh

Ashana created a 31 minute version of this mantra specifically for this meditation on the album “The Illuminated Path”. 



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