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Inner Conflict Resolver Reflex

This is a form of ancient humanological therapy. We are often confused and held in deadlock when inner conflict blocks our ability to think and act clearly. In these moments, the mind’s prana, or energy, is scattered and distributed in a disturbed manner. This breath pattern holds the breath out three times as long as it is held in. So, the body senses a lack of prana in vital areas of functioning and asks how it can quickly and optimally reorganize itself to respond to this survival threat. The fibers of the Pranic Body extend and re-channel the prana to form a new pattern filled with clarity and action potential. Your built-in computer can calculate your total resources and the level of challenge, then design a strategy to prepare and use the mind and body effectively. This meditation resolves many conflicts and is an automatic reflex for survival. Inner conflict is the result of excess or disturbed prana. The effect is certain, gradual, and simple. Be honest with the breath timing, and the meditation will be honest with you.

Sit in an Easy Pose, with a light jalandhar bandh.

Eyes: Close the eyes 9/10ths of the way.

Mudra: Place the hands over the chest, with the palms on the torso at the level of the breasts. The fingers point toward each other across the chest.

Breath: The key to this meditation is attention to the breath. Inhale deeply and completely for 5 seconds. Exhale completely for 5 seconds. Hold the breath out for 15 seconds, by suspending the chest motion as you pull in the Navel Point and abdomen.

Time: Begin with 11 minutes. Build up to 31 or 62 minutes.

To End: Inhale deeply and stretch the arms up over the head. Relax the breath and shake the arms and hands for 15-30 seconds. Relax.

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Meditation to Conquer Self-Animosity

There are no enemies. There are challenges to our creativity. The greatest enemy is the self. Self-defeating activity and self-animosity occur where we do not accept ourselves.
We instinctively reject self-confirmed continuity. We will oppose our own success and accomplishment just to break with steadiness. That break is the assertion of ego:
an attempt at marking and possessing something in Time and Space. This self-animosity distracts us from the real gift of human life: the capacity to confront and experience the self in relationship to the Unknown Infinity of our Self.
This meditation conquers the state of self-animosity and gives you the ability for constant consciousness in support of the core self.
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Sista klassen på Hagabadet

Ett stort tack till alla er som kommit till mina klasser på Hagabadet under de år som gått. Det har varit en ära och en ynnest att uppleva ert engagemang och er närvaro. Ni har inspirerat mig och lärt mig så mycket och mitt hjärta blir varmt av att tänka på er. Livet är förändring och för mig är det dags att ta steget vidare nu. För mig är det viktigt att följa mitt hjärta och och se vart det leder mig. Allt är precis som det ska vara. Allt sker på det sätt det är menat att ske.

Sat Nam Wahe Guru!

Min absolut sista klass på Hagabadet söndagen den 30 april 2017 innehöll följande:

Remove negativity


Guru Ram Das Mantra