Jod Kriya: Meditation for the heart chakra


This meditation is both simple and powerful. It stimulates the thymus to secrete so the heart chakra can awaken. It´ s very relaxing and good for the nerves. It heals a broken heart and opens one to self-love and to receive love.

To heal the emotional wounds of the heart, we need to bring calm to the nerves that hold the wound. We know that a break in relationship (to others or to our Self) has almost identical reactions in the nervous system and brain as a physical injury or loss of limb.

Posture: Sit in Easy Pose with a straight spine and a light Neck Lock.

Mudra: Palms together, lightly touching. The tip of the Saturn (middle) finger is at the level of the Third Eye Point. The forearms are horizontal to the ground, elbows high. Look within at the brow and feel the heart.

Mantra and breath: There is no specified mantra or breath. You can internally chant a mantra of choice or focus on your breath, which will regulate itself. Simply hold the position and connect within.

Time: Continue for 11, 31, or 62 minutes.

To end: Inhale deeply, press the hands together, pressurize the whole body, and pull the locks. Exhale powerfully and repeat two more times. Then stretch up and shake out your whole body.

Sit or lie down on your back and feel the sensations in your spine at the level of your heart. Enjoy being in a very cozy and warm heart space with yourself.




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