Kundalini Yoga – Keeping the body beautiful

This kriya purifies the blood and strengthens the whole nervous system. It works on the liver and spleen – the two master glands of the blood. It also improves the blood stream and so the beauty of cheeks and lips so you don´´  t need cosmetics anymore.

Instructions (pdf)



Kundalini Yoga for the Essence of Self

This series of exercises guides the pranic life force through the body to the heart center, opening the heart so that you can give and receive love without fear, anger or resentment. This state of compassion is the essence of self. When feeling weighted down by the scars and disappointments of life, this kriya will help you sense the broader reality of which you are a part. All possibilities open to you when you live from the essence of Self. Physically this kriya releases tensions, strengthens digestion and opens the lungs.

Kundalini Yoga for the Essence of Self (pdf)