Easy Set

”I call this the ”Easy Set” because four of the five exercises are done lying down! It is one of the earliest sets Yogi Bhajan taught in Los Angeles (February 13, 1969). A Valentine´s Day Gift perhaps?”

Shakti Parwha Kaur Khalsa

Breathe very powerfully as you do the exercises so that you can

  • Increase your lung capacity
  • Eliminate toxins from your system
  • Make your ”beauty gland” secrete
  • work on your eyesight

Center yourself with three deep inhalations and exhalations (or by chanting Ong Namo Guru Dev Namo).

1. Lying on Back. Hands behind the neck in Venus lock under hair. a) Legs spread 3 feet apart. Breath of Fire for 2-3 minutes. Inhale; raise legs up to 60 degrees, keeping them apart. Hold 20 seconds. Exhale, slowly down (10 seconds). B) Repeat.
This increases lung capacity.

 2. Lying on Back. Press knees against chest. Interlace fingers over knees. Nose into knees. Breath of Fire 30 seconds to 1 minute.
This is working with the ”Apana Vayu”, the eliminating force which takes away everything not required by the body (toxins).


3. Sit Up. Legs stretched on floor on front. Arms bracing from behind, lean back 60 degrees. Eyes open, steady, tilt neck back, look at ceiling. Try not to wink or blink. Let eyes water. Breath of Fire 1-2 minutes. Inhale, hold briefly.
Makes thyroid secrete. Works on skin, complexion, outward appearance and eyesight. Also works on headaches.

4. Lying on Back. Inhale and stretch from shoulders, raising hands to ceiling, stretch the fingers and make fists. Bend elbows, bringing fists slowly into chest, then exhale. Repeat a total of 3 times. Use great tension in the creation of fists and in the arms.

easyset3 easyset4 easyset5

5. Lying on Back. Arms at sides. Breath of Fire for 1 minute. Inhale, raise waistline (make an arc of the body), keep shoulder and feet flat on the ground. Hold briefly, exhale down.

6. Corpse Pose. Relax.



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