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40 Day Community Meditation – Journey Commences February 16th, 2015


Meditation For The Neutral Mind –
Mute The Negative Chatter Of Your Thoughts
And Experience Your Soul

The neutral mind lives for the touch of vastness, where we can experience our own soul. Carrying us to the infinite, it quiets all negative thoughts and mental chatter. When we live, breath and act from the neutral mind ME becomes WE. The neutral mind hears the truth, and lives by it. Call on the higher self through the neutral mind, penetrate through all barriers with this meditation.

The Three Minds are meant to work in harmony with each other. When subconscious stress patterns lock the mind you are subject to the minds intrigues and your mind is against you. Yet you need these three minds, the negative, positive, and neutral mind all – equally.
Develop the mind through meditation to experience neutrality and strength and reach to the subtle, refined, and spiritual dimensions of your life and your relationships.


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