Meditation to Brighten Your Radiance


Meditation to Brighten Your Radiance

Seated in Easy Pose, your elbows are by your ribs and your hands are by your shoulders with your palms facing forward in Active Gyan Mudra, (thumb presses against index fingernail).

Focus: Tip of the nose

Mouth in an “O”

Breathe long, deep breaths.

Time: Start at 3 minutes.

Recommended, build up to 11 to 31 minutes.

To end: Inhale deeply, come into Shuniaa state (zero). Synchronize every cell of your being. Hold for 20 seconds.

originally taught by Yogi Bhajan on July 23rd, 1996.

I encourage you to do this for 40 days so that more of who you truly are is present and projected into this world and into your creations.

“Now you are the spirit of your mind. You are a bright light of yourself. That’s your identity.”–Yogi Bhajan


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