Life Force Academy with Jai Dev Singh

As a member of the Life Force Academy I can highly recommend anyone who wants to take the practise of Kundalini Yoga to a deeper and higher level to join in.
Jai Dev Singh is a very skillful and competent teacher with a comprehensive knowledge of both Kundaliniyoga and Ayurveda.


What It’s All About…

It’s not what we do every once in a while that makes a major difference. It is what we do day in and day out that digs deep into our psyche and produces profound impact in our life.

To have happiness, one must hold the caliber of happiness. To have fulfillment, one must generate the caliber of fulfillment. To have prosperity, one must achieve the caliber of prosperity.

When the practice becomes consistent, comprehensive, and sophisticated, your caliber begins to carry you and the endless struggle is discontinued.

This is what the Life-Force Academy is all about.

It is designed to to support your consistent practice. It will help you design a sadhana that is perfect for you. It is designed to give you a sophisticated approach to your practice. You will tap into a community that will suport you, strengthen you and inspire you. It is designed to give you the tools for a blissful lifestyle.

Please watch the above video for a complete overview of the Life-Force Academy Experience.

Inside The Life-Force Academy

Complete Yoga Classes
Extended Workshops
The 40 Day Challenges
The Power Practices
Academy Member Forum


Goda nyheter!


För er som har saknat mig på Hagabadet kan jag berätta att jag snart är tillbaka igen. Min första klass blir söndagen den 28:e december kl 17. Det blir en klass i ljusets och glädjens tecken där vi fokuserar på allt vi har att vara tacksamma över.
När vårens schema startar vecka 3 kommer jag att ha fem kundaliniyogaklasser i veckan:

Onsdagar 12:00 (75 min)

Torsdagar 20:00 (75 min)

Lördagar 11.00 (75 min)

Söndagar 17:00 (75 min) och 18:30 (hot, 60 min)

Det kommer också bli en eller flera workshopar med fördjupning i kundaliniyogans underbara värld. Håll utkik!