Mantran, Meditationer

Meditation for transformation

This meditation for transformation was first taught by Yogi Bhajan on March 8 1976. It helps to clear negativity and darkness that cloud our experience of the true self and helps improve self-image. The full description of the meditation is found in the Survival Manual, p. 31-32.

Waahay Guroo should be chanted in three parts. Waa means infinite; Hay means thou; and Guroo is the Self. When chanted in this manner, Waa-Hay Guroo draws you very near to God. So, there are three distinct parts to this meditation: Waa, Hay, and Guroo. They may be chanted slowly or not. The time doesn’t really matter, but the three-beat rhythm does. It must be properly established.
You may begin practice of this kriya with 10 to 15 minutes; there is no maximum limit, but 31 minutes is a good length.



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