Kundalini Yoga for physical and mental vitality

This is a Kriya that is good when you want to work very hard. Saturday, the day of Saturn, the Task Master, is an excellent day to practice it. The kriya moves the Kundalini energy from the lower three chakras in Exercises 1, and 2; through the heart center in Exercise 3; and through the throat chakra to the higher centers in Exercise 4. Mental projection and meditation are automatic afterwards.

The hardest part of the series is the beginning. If you attempt the full time of the exercises on your first trial you may have a sore stomach and weak legs unless you are in excellent shape. Do what you can and do it gracefully, breathing consciously throughout. The sexual and digestive energies require a little work to balance. As you do Exercise 3, feel all the worries of the day drop away. Feel like you are rising above the clouds and that your entire body is filled with the light energy of breath. In Exercise 4, feel that light energy lift to your head and project your mind into an expansive peacefulness.
The hard work brings deep relaxation and the experience that you have the latent power to cleanse and vitalize yourself mentally and physically.

Kundalini Yoga for physical and mental vitality (pdf)



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