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Gong Yoga Teacher Training with Mehtab Benton at Yoga Mangalam Sweden


Just came home from this six wonderful days at Dagsås Yoga Mangalam where Mehtab Benton was leading Gong Yoga Teacher Training Course. So now I am a certified Gong Yoga Teacher. 🙂


Mehtab is a really  skillful teacher with a great sense of humor. There was not a single moment of boredom during the whole course. As soon as we started to get tired, which is quite easy when you are upp for sadhana at 5.30 in the morning, he threw in a great meditation or energetic kriya to keep us going.


People where coming from all of Sweden, Norway and Denmark with there own gongs in different sizes so we could all try how they felt to handle and operate.


Mehtab is also a vedic astrologer and he gave me a reading which was very interesting. It seems like I am on the right path teaching yoga and planning to become some sort of yoga therapist. My whole life seems to be about changes and transformations and he also told me that I had to work with strengthening the sun energy inside me. Interesting as I´ve just started to read Dr. Joseph Michael Levry´s (Gurunam) books where he talks a lot about how you can connect with the sun energy to improve your life and your health. He also gave me a special meditation which would clear blocks, deep seated fears and balance the feminine and masculine polarity – The Tantric Mool Mantra where a female and a male take turns in chanting the Mool Mantra. He said that the next partner in my life has to be some sort of a healer or at least interested in healing and being of service to the greater good and he has to be financially stable otherwise it´s no good. So now I now what to look for. 😉

My next mission now is to find the right gong for me. I think I´m going to choose a chinese gong. chinesegong
They have a powerful, deep, rough sound and each one of them is unique, which I like. The price is more affordable compairing to the Paiste gongs too. Let´s see how this special gong will come into manifestation in my life.


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