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Meditation for transformation

This meditation for transformation was first taught by Yogi Bhajan on March 8 1976. It helps to clear negativity and darkness that cloud our experience of the true self and helps improve self-image. The full description of the meditation is found in the Survival Manual, p. 31-32.

Waahay Guroo should be chanted in three parts. Waa means infinite; Hay means thou; and Guroo is the Self. When chanted in this manner, Waa-Hay Guroo draws you very near to God. So, there are three distinct parts to this meditation: Waa, Hay, and Guroo. They may be chanted slowly or not. The time doesn’t really matter, but the three-beat rhythm does. It must be properly established.
You may begin practice of this kriya with 10 to 15 minutes; there is no maximum limit, but 31 minutes is a good length.


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Adi Shakti Meditation for Vitality


Adi Shakti, Adi Shakti, Adi Shakti, Namo Namo

(I bow to the Primal Power)

Sarb Shakti, Sarb Shakti, Sarb Shakti, Namo Namo

(I bow to the all encompassing Power and Energy)

Pritham Bhagvati, Pritham Bhagvati, Pritham Bhagvati, Namo Namo

(I bow to that which God creates)

Kundalini Mata Shakti, Mata Shakti, Namo Namo

(I bow to the creative power of the Kundalini, the Divine Mother Power)

This devotional mantra (a Bhakti mantra), invokes the primary Creative Power which is manifest as the feminine. It calls upon the Mother Power. It will help you to be free of the insecurities which block freedom of action. By meditating on it one can obtain a deeper understanding of the constant interplay between the manifest and the unmanifest qualities of the cosmos and consciousness.



POSTURE: Sit in Easy Pose with a straight spine.

MUDRA: Bend the elbows down by the sides. Bring the hands into Ravi Mudra, Sun (ring) finger held down with the thumb, the palms face forward and the fingers point straight up. Keep the other fingers straight.
Important: The wrists are at the level of the shoulders, with the hands in line with the ears. Make sure the spine is kept very straight, and Neck Lock engaged.

EYES: Eyes are closed.

MANTRA: Chant along with the Kundalini Bhakti Mantra

The recording by Gurudass Kaur is played.

TIME: 31 minutes.

TO END: Inhale, keep the posture steady, and move immediately into Part Two.



MUDRA & MANTRA: Keep the same mudra, don’t move at all—begin chanting HAR aloud, pulling in on the Navel Point with each recitation. The recording Tantric Har is used.

TIME: 4 minutes.

TO END: Inhale very deeply. Hold 15-20 seconds. Exhale through the mouth in a whistle. Inhale a second time, very deeply, hold 15-20 seconds. Whistle out every bit of breath you can. Inhale a third time, and squeeze your entire being. Hold and squeeze 10-15 seconds. Cannon fire out through the mouth. Relax.


Kundalini Yoga for physical and mental vitality

This is a Kriya that is good when you want to work very hard. Saturday, the day of Saturn, the Task Master, is an excellent day to practice it. The kriya moves the Kundalini energy from the lower three chakras in Exercises 1, and 2; through the heart center in Exercise 3; and through the throat chakra to the higher centers in Exercise 4. Mental projection and meditation are automatic afterwards.

The hardest part of the series is the beginning. If you attempt the full time of the exercises on your first trial you may have a sore stomach and weak legs unless you are in excellent shape. Do what you can and do it gracefully, breathing consciously throughout. The sexual and digestive energies require a little work to balance. As you do Exercise 3, feel all the worries of the day drop away. Feel like you are rising above the clouds and that your entire body is filled with the light energy of breath. In Exercise 4, feel that light energy lift to your head and project your mind into an expansive peacefulness.
The hard work brings deep relaxation and the experience that you have the latent power to cleanse and vitalize yourself mentally and physically.

Kundalini Yoga for physical and mental vitality (pdf)


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Ett pass för pranisk energi – 4 U

För att leva fullt ut som människa behöver du enligt det yogiska synsättet uppfylla ett antal kriterier. Du måste kunna le, hur stressad och utarbetad du än är. Stressen tar hårt på dina inre organ och ditt endokrina körtelsystem. Ett leende ger lindring. Le i motgången. Du behöver ha din kroppsvikt i balans och du behöver skapa dig en mental attityd som tillåter dig att säga: Jag måste göra detta. Det är min sak och jag kan inte vänta längre. Detta korta pass bygger upp din kropp och din energi så att du klarar av detta. Om du gör maxtider och hålla perfekta ställningar i alla övningar i passet under elva dagar kommer du att bli otroligt stark både fysiskt och mentalt. Håll fokus i 3:e ögat. Tona in före och tona ut efter passet.

Instruktioner (pdf)



Musiklista för passet den 13 juli 2014 på Hagabadet:
  • Mool Mantra (Relaxation) – Ram Singh
  • Sat Siree, Siree Akal – Aurora
  • Aim – Joseph Michael Levry
  • Triple Mantra – Nirinjan kaur
  • Wahe Guru – Ram Singh
  • Protection (Aad Guray Nameh) – Ramjiwan
  • Guru Ram Das – Ashana
  • Long Time Sun – Snatam Kaur
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Gong Yoga Teacher Training with Mehtab Benton at Yoga Mangalam Sweden


Just came home from this six wonderful days at Dagsås Yoga Mangalam where Mehtab Benton was leading Gong Yoga Teacher Training Course. So now I am a certified Gong Yoga Teacher. 🙂


Mehtab is a really  skillful teacher with a great sense of humor. There was not a single moment of boredom during the whole course. As soon as we started to get tired, which is quite easy when you are upp for sadhana at 5.30 in the morning, he threw in a great meditation or energetic kriya to keep us going.


People where coming from all of Sweden, Norway and Denmark with there own gongs in different sizes so we could all try how they felt to handle and operate.


Mehtab is also a vedic astrologer and he gave me a reading which was very interesting. It seems like I am on the right path teaching yoga and planning to become some sort of yoga therapist. My whole life seems to be about changes and transformations and he also told me that I had to work with strengthening the sun energy inside me. Interesting as I´ve just started to read Dr. Joseph Michael Levry´s (Gurunam) books where he talks a lot about how you can connect with the sun energy to improve your life and your health. He also gave me a special meditation which would clear blocks, deep seated fears and balance the feminine and masculine polarity – The Tantric Mool Mantra where a female and a male take turns in chanting the Mool Mantra. He said that the next partner in my life has to be some sort of a healer or at least interested in healing and being of service to the greater good and he has to be financially stable otherwise it´s no good. So now I now what to look for. 😉

My next mission now is to find the right gong for me. I think I´m going to choose a chinese gong. chinesegong
They have a powerful, deep, rough sound and each one of them is unique, which I like. The price is more affordable compairing to the Paiste gongs too. Let´s see how this special gong will come into manifestation in my life.