Natural Adjustment

  1. Lie on your back. Keep your head on the floor and bring your knees to your chest. Your hands are interlaced around the end of your buttocks. Stretch your legs straight out so that your legs are extend parallell to the floor. Bring your knees all the way back to your chest and once again extend your legs. Continue this rhytmic movement for 5 minutes, then get mad and continue for a further 2, 5 minutes. A lot of tension and toxins can be worked out with this exercise, but it may not be comfortable.kneestochest
  2. Sit up in Easy Pose and shake your whole body, moving the arms and rib cage. Don´t move artistically, move with force and vigor in all directions. Move the trunk of the body, the shoulders, the whole torso. 4 minutes.
    In these first exercises we are accelerating the energy of the navel point. When the lower part has been straightened out rhytmically, then the upper part should be shaken like an earthquake. Any energy that needs to be adjusted will be adjusted in this loseness. This is called unrhytmic adjustment. It is essential for the rib cage once in a while.shake
  3. Lie down on your left side. Stretch your right leg up and keep it there, while you relax the rest of your body. Pretend you are sleeping, it will give you a natural adjustment. 2 minutes. Separate yourself, everything is relaxed but the one leg. Change sides. 30 seconds.raiseleftleg
  4. Lie down flat on your back.
    a) Raise your right arm straight up ninety degrees. Then lower it and raise your left arm up to ninety degrees. Move fast.  2 minutes. This exercise can put your energy into total balance if you move fast and keep your elbows straight.
    b) Raise your right arm and left leg straight up to ninety degrees at the same time. Lower them and raise your left arm and right leg straight up. Continue. 2 minutes. This exercise is the best thing you can do for your body.bothlegsandarms
  5. Sit in Easy Pose and bring your palms together just above your arcline. (The arcline is an arc of energy over the top of your head reaching from ear tip to ear tip.) Chant long ”Akaal”. Each Akaal  is chanted for approximately 10 seconds. Chant five times.akaal
  6. Relax.

    (Reaching Me in Me, pp. 33, Compiled by Harijot Kaur Khalsa)


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