Meditation to Open the Lock of the Heart Center to Increase the Power of the Infinite

Meditation to Open the Lock of the Heart Center to Increase the Power of the Infinite

The chest cavity is called the heart chakra. This heavy jolt, as you spring your hands and arms apart, will cause a jerking reaction to your chest cavity which will open up your heart center.
Opening of your heart center cavity is opening up to your own Infinity.
The navel area, The Third Chakra, is sometimes  referred to as the agan granthi—the place from which all fire-related activites spring—food, digestion, breath, to name a few.  When this center is locked, your ribcage is out of placement. The diaphragm doesn’t act right, and you’ll lose one third of your life force.
This meditation loosens this lock and will open up the power of the Almighty within you.
You must bring forth the entire power of your being, using a great force with the movement. In this way you will shock your subtle nervous system on the sound of Har.
Through this meditation you can move the power of the ida and pingala, and open up the shushmanaa.

Instructions (pdf)

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