Sat Nam Rasayan och Heart of Yoga

Veckorna går snabbt här i LA och snart är jag hemma igen. Den senaste veckan har jag provat på en healingteknik kallad Sat Nam Rasayan. Här kommer en beskrivning av denna teknik på engelska, hämtad från Golden Bridge’s hemsida:
”Sat Nam Rasayan means \”deep relaxation in the True Identity\”. It is, in fact, an ancient art of healing, created with the purpose to serve humanity. It allows the healer to access and balance the five elements and the pranic body. Prior to this age, Sat Nam Rasayan was transmitted in silence. It is only now that, through the mastery of Yogi Bhajan and Guru Dev Singh, it is being taught in a linear manner. Sat Nam Rasayan is a great tool to add to your Kundalini Yoga skills. A Sat Nam Rasayan course typically includes Kundalini Yoga Meditation Kriyas and awareness increasing meditation practices. The exercises, done as healer and client, help each participant experience directly their own capacity to open, stabilize and become aware of the sensitive space, of those in their presence, and ultimately the Sacred Space. As a Sat Nam Rasayan healer/practitioner you will learn the nature of surrender to your true identity. Rasayan healer/practitioner can become transcendent and in the vastness of this consciousness healing will happen. This state is a pure meditative absorption between the Healer and Client, in the Divine. Sat Nam Rasayan will enhance your awareness of your subtle body and expand the capacity of your meditative mind. This develops your ability to ‘hold the space’ in every day life and opens your compassionate awareness so you can be sensitized and conscious to each person in your presence.”

Guru Dev Singh Khalsa som är den främsta mästaren inom detta område kommer att hålla workshops och utbildning i Sat Nam Rasayan den närmaste veckan här på Golden Bridge bland annat. Detta kan man ju nästan inte missa när man ändå är här.
Så har jag också fått ta del av Mark Whitwells undervisning på Golden Bridge. Det är svårt för mig att beskriva vad han gör, men så här presenterar Golden Bridge honom på sin hemsida:
”We are happy to announce that world-renowned Heart of Yoga master, Mark Whitwell, is permanently joining Golden Bridge for evening classes in Hollywood and Santa Monica schedule. Mark’s teachings are based on his relationship with yoga masters T. Krishnamacharya and his son, TKV Desikachar, spreading the message that, “Yoga is direct intimacy with the nurturing force of reality. There is a right yoga for every person no matter who the person. Yoga must be adapted to the individual needs according to body type age, health and cultural background.”
Mark lives in Fiji and LA travelling the world to teach the essential principles of the Great Tradition. His books are: Yoga of Heart: The Healing Power of Intimate Connection (Lantern Books) and The Promise of Love Sex and Intimacy: How a Simple Breathing Practice Will Change Your Life Forever (Atria). He was a contributor and editor to TKV Desikachar’s book of ancient teaching, The Heart of Yoga: Developing a Personal Practice. Mark is a contributing blogger for The Huffington Post.
At Golden Bridge Mark will be teaching the timeless practice of Ishta Guru Bhakti Yoga in the tradtion of Kundalini Shakti. This is the Heart of Yoga practice adapted precisely to individual needs and transmitted generously to all who come. It is the practical means to live the power of the cosmos that flows through you.”
Fint, va?



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