Kundalini Yoga Wake Up Series

Yogi Bhajan recommends this kriya, every morning upon (or even
before) arising. They can be done while still in bed.

1. Stretch Pose: Lying on back, arms and legs kept straight, raise feet, head and hands 6 inch off the ground and hold with Breath of Fire for 2 minutes or as long as possible. Eyes should look at big toes, and hands point towards feet. If the waist comes up, place hands beneath hips for support. If held less than a minute, rest and repeat pose, increasing time daily.

Sets the navel.

2. Nose to Knees: Bend the knees and clasp legs with arms, raising head so that nose comes between knees and hold with Breath of Fire for 2 minutes.

Combines Prana with Apana.

3. Spinal Rock: In same position, rock back and forth on the spine from neck to tailbone for 1 minute.

Distributes pranic energy and relaxes spine.

4. Ego-Eradicator: Sit in Easy Pose and raise arms to 60° out to the sides, fingertips on pads of fingers, thumbs extended straight up and hold with Breath of Fire for 2 minutes. Then deeply inhale and VERY SLOWLY raise arms until thumbtips touch overhead, flatten hands and slowly arc them down, sweeping the aura with the palms, collecting any darkness, negativity or sickness, and press and release it into the earth, to clean and energize the aura.

Feel light around you and meditate on that light.

Here is a short video with instructions:


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