Basic Breath Series


Basic Breath Series Instructions (pdf)

This set gives you a quick lift in energy, increased clarity, and a sense of balance. If you do the minimum times for each exercise, it only takes 22-25 minutes to completely reset yourself.
It is an excellent set for beginners. You learn the relationship to the breath and you observe the differences in emotion and thinking that each type of breathing creates. Even though breathing is the most natural and essential thing we do, conscious breathing can be quite a challenge. When you alter the breath you begin to oppose and release the habitual patterns of emotion and attention that are coded in the habits of your body and mind. As those patterns begin to alter, you may drift in concentration or interest. If you continue and command the breath, then you will gain a new sense of ease and control where you direct your mind.
This kriya is excellent to practice as a preparation for a more strenuous Kundalini Yoga set. It can be practiced in beginning and advanced stages. As a beginner, use the times listed above. For intermediate level practice, do exercises 1 through 4 for five minutes each. For an advanced practice, increase the times of 1 through 4 to a full 10 minutes each.


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