Bra att veta, Kriyor

Kriya – for the sex center (second chakra)



The Second Chakra is called the Svadhisthana Chakra. The element associated with the Second Chakra is “water.” Water is much more mobile than earth (associated with the First Chakra). Through patient and constant repetition, water can even shape earth. Here in the Second Chakra is the root of the creativity of the individual which can either be tied up in physical lust and drag many people into suffering or it can be channeled and circulated into other centers, thereby fulfilling the individual in everyday life. The Second Chakra is about desire, passion, about duality and polarities, about movement and change, but fundamentally about creativity. When the Second Chakra is well-developed, you paint the world with passions, motivations and opinions. It prepares the way for compassion in the Fourth Chakra because there are things you clearly care about and want. Read more.


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