Magnetic Field Meditation


Practised regularly the Magnetic Field Meditation makes you 84 times stronger as you harmonize with the magnetic field of the earth. It will also help digestion and elimination and give you peace and joy.

How to do it:

Sit in rock pose.

Pull chin in slightly.

Eyes 9/10 closed focused on the tip of the nose.

Long deep breathing in and out through the nose.

Arms out to the sides, palms down. Try not to hunch the shoulders up. Relax the shoulders down.

The arms will start to ache and burn. Welcome the pain and just throw your negativity, worries, fears and anger into that little bonfire of your arms. Breathe long and deep into where it´s hurting.

To end: Inhale. Hold the breath at the top. Squeeze the rootlock. Pull the chin in. Focus at the 3rd eye. Exhale.

Release the arms down. Rest the hands palm facing up on the knees. Take som deep breaths and enjoy the sensation that comes. The release of endorphines into the system. Focus at the 3 rd eye. Take some deep breaths in and out through the nose. Let the energy settle.

Put your hands in Gyan mudra. Sit quietly and absorb the vibration and enjoy being in the present moment. Inhale and exhale.

Time: 11 minutes.
Work your way up to 11 minutes. You can start with 3 minutes, then 7 minutes and finally 11 minutes.




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