Heart Chakra Healing & Balancing

The following set of Kundalini Yoga exercises opens, clears and balances the Heart Chakra (energy vortex), which is the 4th Chakra, of the Tantra Kundalini 7 Chakra System.  This Chakra is called the Anahata Chakra, meaning ”unstruck sound”.  It is located on the spinal cord directly in line with the center of the chest. The Heart Chakra governs the respiratory and circulatory organs and systems and is associated with the attributes of love, compassion and forgiveness.

This kriya activates the Heart Chakra and overall is excellent for improving and strengthening the heart and lungs.  It promotes better circulation and helps detoxify the system.  It also helps soften one’s character and makes one more loving and kind.


Heart Chakra Healing.pdf



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