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Global Sadhana: Open to Love 27th February – 9th March

sat kartar

On February 27th, begins a mini-sadhana, an 11 day practice to open the heart and create a greater flow of love in our hearts.   It is said that the seat of the soul is the heart and when the heart is open, the soul can travel. This meditation opens the heart to love and connects you in a deeper way to your true essence. Read more.


Sit in easy pose (or a chair if you can’t sit in easy pose) and close your eyes, focusing them on the third eye point.  The mantra is Sat Kartar.  When you chant ”Sat”, your hands are in prayer pose in front of the body.  As you chant ”Kar”, extend your arms out to the sides of your body half way to their final position (fingertips pointing up).  When you chant ”Tar”, your hands are fully extended out to the sides, parallel to the floor and fingers pointing up.  The transition from each position in a flowing manner.  We’ll practice this meditation together for 11 minutes.

Meaning of the mantra SAT KARTAR:

The ”Sat” in the mantra is first identifying the Soul’s True Sound(means Essence of Truth, or Being) It is said that directly behind the heart is supposedly where the Soul resides. ”Kartar” means Doer, and when the two words are combined, it is to say ”Doer, Manifestor, or Walker of the Truth.”

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The 6th Chakra (Ajna Chakra)

thirdeyechakraThe sixth chakra or third eye is one of the most talked about energetic centers of the human.
It is in this particular chakra where the individual ego merges with the cosmic ego.
This is where awareness expands to the realization that nothing is separate, that we are truly all one. We have moved beyond the gross elements of earth, water, fire, air, ether and into the realm of light.
In the practice of Kundalini Yoga, the third eye is very important. Almost every kriya uses the sixth chakra as a place of focus to activate the pituitary gland and nourish the third eye.
By literally bringing the eyes to focus at the space between the eyebrows, we are stimulating the area corresponding to the Ajna chakra. “Ajna” means “to command”. Through the sixth chakra and pituitary gland we can master our minds.
The third eye allows us to have a clear perception of our reality so we can fully understand our purpose in life. When our sixth chakra connection is strong, we have a reliable intuition and can see the unseen. Some people may experience visions and clairvoyance. On the other end of this spectrum, when we are disconnected from the third eye and our intuition, we can feel confused and depressed. Our mind seems “out of control” and we have a hard time focusing on any one thing. We may also hide behind intellectual analysis and reject spirituality.
Physically, third eye weakness may manifest as eye problems, headaches, sinusitis, or nightmares.
Read more.

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Wahe Guru Kriya

This is an example of a meditative yoga kriya that uses mantra. Physically, the set is total workout for the thyroid, pituitary and pineal glands. It also works on the subtle body, that part of your being that understands beyond the obvious. When the subtle body is strong, you are calm and masterful.

Meditation whahe guru kriya 1

In each of the first five exercises, the mantra used is Wha (use the lips to create the sound water makes as it pours from a bottle), a soft, almost inaudible hay, then Guru (g’roo, softly rolling the sound of the r off the roof of the mouth). Wahe Guru is the expression of indescribable ecstasy, of union with the Infinite. Instructions.

The use of the mantra Wahe Guru throughout the kriya profoundly affects the pituitary gland and the sixth chakra. Yogi Bhajan taught that Wahe Guru is the mantra of the Ajna chakra.
‘Gu’ means darkness and ‘Ru’ means light. So Gu-Ru is basically the transformation from dark to light, which is why we have associated the word with ‘enlightened’ or masterful individuals.
We call someone a ‘guru’ when they have mastered their profession or area of expertise. However these words are so much more than simply a title or an idea. By speaking or chanting the word one creates the sound vibration, which awakens the force of the guru in all of us. Some consider this the higher self.
It’s the perfect and complete version of yourself informing you in every moment.
Speaking the words Wahe Guru will create a vibration which will dispel darkness from you and bring you into the light of your Soul. Another way of looking at it is that chanting the mantra is like dialing a phone number to your higher self.


Kundalini Yoga for a Healthy Bowel System

In order to have all round good health, we must have proper digestion and elimination. For many people today, bowel health is an issue, especially those who do not get enough exercise, sit for too long and practice poor nutrition.
Improper diet and elimination can lead to such conditions as Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), gas, bloating, constipation or loose bowels.
This Kundalini set (kriya) is designed to massage the intestines and digestive organs, to stimulate digestive fire and improve elimination and bowel health.


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Börja veckan med kundaliniyoga på Konstepidemin!

Konstepidemin ett stenkast från Linnéplatsen
Gröna rummet i Blå huset
Drop-In för nybörjare och avancerade
Måndagar 8.00-9.00
Kostnad: 100 kr
Ta med egen yogamatta!

Vi fokuserar på ryggradens flexibilitet och ökar energiflödet i kroppen med hjälp av övningar som löser upp blockeringar och rensar ut gammalt skräp.
Din kroppsmedvetenhet och förmåga att fokusera och slappna av förbättras med hjälp av rörelser, andningstekniker, mantran och meditationer.
Efter avslutat pass kommer du att känna dig mer vaken och alert, rörligare, öppnare och mer harmonisk till sinnet.

Har du frågor eller undringar kan du skicka desssa i ett mejl till
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Meditation to Love & Accept Yourself


Mantra: Humee Hum Brahm Hum

  • Language: Gurmukhi
  • Translation: We are We.  We are God.
  • More Information: This mantra literally means that we are the spirit of God. It is total spirit. Total spirit represents God. It fixes the identity into its true reality.

”At the core of a happy, fulfilled, abundant life, is the clarity that comes from a strong and developed sense of your self. A crystallized self. The key to this crystallized self is an open heart center.The Hummee Hum Brahm Hum mantra, and the meditations that we practice with it, are to open and expand that heart.”

”Humee Hum” is the sound of the heart and throat center. We are one within our oneness. ”Brahm Hum” is the grace of the Infinite in All to manifest this intimate experience of we; it is the heart beat of formless-to-form-to-formless. ”

”When you want to nestle in a cozy, sacred place within yourself to see clearly what is and who you are, chant with this for 31 minutes then sit in silence as it plays and let you r stillness show you how to move.”

-Gurucharan Singh Khalsa

Instructions for the meditation