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Meditation for the Arcline and to Clear the Karmas

This meditation is for the arcline and to clear the karma that has been stocked up in it. You’ll experience what Wahe Guru actually means.
It’s just a hand of prayer. Remember, the power of Infinity is not outside of you – it is inside of you.
When “I” and Infinity create impact, you’ll become totally divine. Otherwise there’s a duality which keeps you away from reality, and the pain is

Meditation for the arcline (instructions)

Video clip with instructions


In the tradition of Kundalini yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan, the human has 10 bodies, not just one. Yogi Bhajan taught that the 6th body is the Arc Line, which is a halo that stretches around your forehead earlobe to earlobe. Women have an extra arc line that runs from nipple to nipple and assists in the bonding with an infant.
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