Laya Yoga on Ecstasy

Laya Yoga on Ecstacy instructions

Sit in Easy Pose, eyes closed, hands in Gyan Mudra, elbows locked. Sit majestically, as though in the court of a king. Chant ”Wahay Guru for 11 minutes. To finish, inhale and hold your breath for 30 seconds, focusing on the crown of the head. Exhale and relax.

Yogi Bhajan comments:

Ecstacy exists within. It is the Infinite Pool to refresh the heart, giving strength to creating a better self and world. This meditation leads to that experience. So calm, so sleepy, like the merging of a raindrop into a vast, calm lake you reflect all, cleanse all. If you can cross all, you can know the extent of living in yourself, with balanced consciousness, playing with the Infinite.


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