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Meditation for Shuniya

”Shuniya” or a “zero point”s is where the mind become still and you become the observer. This way you are not the ripple of the waves, but stillness in the depths of the ocean. There is a great meditation that Yogi-Bhajan taught on 3/7/1995 (#LA827) specifically for developing shuniya. Guru Dev, the Master of Sat Nam Rasayan said this meditation, “Is an essential meditation for shuniya.”


Meditation for Shuniya Instructions:

-Arms are in front with the elbows in the rib cage

-The palms are facing up and fingers to the sides like you are receiving.

-Close your eyes and look at the tip of the nose.

-Imagine that your eyes are behind your head and looking down into the tip of your nose.

-Do long deep breathing: inhale deeply, hold, exhale slowly, hold, etc.

-Listen to Singh Kaur’s Guru Ram Das

-Continue meditation for 11 minutes.

To End:

Inhale, close your eyes and put your hands on your chest and squeeze, hold it and exhale.

Inhale, put your hands on your navel point and squeeze, hold it and exhale.

Inhale, put your hands on your sides, squeeze your ribs, hold it and exhale.

Guru Dev Singh the healer talks about how we can heal through understanding out interconnectedness. He also talks about how you can’t have compassion if you have anxiety yourself. It is through becoming completely objective (shuniya) that we can heal others.


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