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Nabhi Kriya for Prana-Apana

”From an energetic standpoint, insecurity has to do with third chakra and more specifically the stomach organ. The stomach (not to be confused with the abdomen) is an organ about the size of your fist and sits to the left of your sternum. This organ, on an emotional level has to do with how you see yourself in the world. It is no wonder why obesity is such a problem because overeating is the easiest way to numb the stomach from emotions and it allows us to avoid feelings about ourselves.”

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Nabhi Kriya for Prana-Apana is good  for working with the stomach and to work with issues around insecurity. It is important to not only practice the kriya, but allow yourself to consciously be aware of anything that you are feeling to discover the roots of your insecurity.



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Hjärtats meditation – Guru Ram Das Chant

Sitt i lätt meditationsställning, eller på en stol, bara det är bekvämt för dig. Sitter du på golvet kan du lägga en kudde eller två under rumpan så blir det lite lättare om du är ovan att sitta så här.  Lägg händerna på hjärtat, inte det fysiska hjärtat, utan en punkt som finns mitt emellan bröstvårtorna. Vänster hand närmast kroppen, höger hand ovanpå.

Sjung följande mantra:

Guru guru wahe guru

guru ram das guru.

Kontakten med min själ tar mig från mörker till ljus från okunskap till insikt.
Mantrat ger styrka och beskydd. Ersätter oro med mod.

Fokusera på hjärtat och sjung därifrån. Är du inte familjär med mantrat är det lättare att lyssna på det och sedan sjunga med. Det kan också kännas bättre om man är ovan vid att sjunga högt.  Har du spotify så kan du söka efter mantrat Guru ram das guru där, eller på youtube för att få en känsla av hur det kan låta.

Här kan du ladda ner detta mantra gratis!



Meditation to Burn Inner Anger and Build the Immune System


Position: Sit in Easy Pose with a straight spice, chin in and chest out.

Mudra: Extend your index and middle fingers of your right hand and use the thumb to hold down the other fingers (your fingers are as if you are making a pledge…which you are!). Raise your right arm in front of you and up to sixty degrees. Keep your elbow straight. Place your left hand over the heart center.

Focus: Close the eyes. Make an “O” with your mouth and inhale and exhale powerfully through the mouth (2 second inhalation, 2 second exhalation). Strong, powerful breathing!

To end: Finish by inhaling deeply, hold the breath for 10 seconds, stretching both arms over head, stretching the spine tall. Exhale powerfully like cannon fire through the mouth. Repeat this breath sequence two more times.

Time: Practice for 11 minutes a day for 40 days!

Effects: Not only is this a profound practice for releasing anger it also rebuilds the immune system, making it strong and powerful.

Comments: Yogi Bhajan says “Breathe strongly and powerfully with emotion. Burn inner anger and get rid of it. Take the help of the breath to get rid of the body’s weaknesses and impurities.”


Surya Kriya

suryaThis kriya is named after the energy of the sun. When you have a lot of “sun energy,” you do not get cold; you are energetic, expressive, extroverted and enthusiastic. It is the energy of purification. It holds the weight down. It aids digestion. It makes the mind clear, analytic and action-oriented.
The exercises systematically stimulate the positive pranic force and the Kundalini energy itself.
This should occasionally be in your regular sadhana practice to build the strength of your body and your ability to focus on many tasks.

Surya Kriya – ett energipass (pdf)