Release Childhood Anger Meditation

This meditation will give you some subtle powers.  It will change you inside and out.  It can be done either in the morning or the evening, but if you do it in the evening, the next morning you will find that your whole caliber and energy is changed.

Sit in easy pose with your arms stretched out straight to the sides.  There is no bend in the elbows.  Use your thumbs to lock down the mercury and Sun fingers (pinkie and ring fingers) and extend the Jupiter and Saturn fingers (index and middle fingers).  The palms face forward and the fingers point out to the sides.
Inhale deeply by sucking air through your closed teeth and exhale through your nose. 11 minutes.
To finish:  Inhale deeply, hold the breath for 10 seconds while you stretch your spine up and stretch your arms out to the sides, and exhale.  Repeat this sequence two more times.

Originally given by Yogi Bhajan March 9, 1999



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