Kundalini Yoga for the lymph system

The lymphatic system is a circulation system for transport and ‘drainage’. We are talking about a major body system, larger than the blood system that is responsible for removing excess tissue fluid and wastes from around the cells. This helps to balance fluid levels and maintains a healthy state in the body’s tissues.

Involved in the body’s immune process, its lymph nodes separate and break down waste product, disable antigens and filter the tissue fluids. Credited as the system responsible for the integrity of the soft tissues, the healthy functioning of the lymphatic circulation is imperative to good general health and wellbeing.

Responsible for the transport of immune-defending white blood cells and the removal of toxins and cell waste, sometimes the lymphatic system isn’t perfectly efficient and harmful substances get left behind. Because this system doesn’t have a pump like the heart, if you have weak lymph flow in your body these toxins can build up and wreak havoc on your general wellbeing. The main causes of a weak lymphatic system are inactivity, stress and shallow breathing.

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Kundalini Yoga for the lymph system (instruktioner i pdf-format)


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