Sahibi Kriya To Master Your Domain

When you control your domain you act from the center of your being. In the realm of mind it means you can hold and project an important thought. In the realm of body it means you are able to circulate blood from the core to the outlying limbs and glands. This kriya gives you that command in both realms. The deep muscular tension released through these exercises enables the blood to flow freely to all parts of the body, feeding the cells with oxygen and nutrients, and flushing the body of toxins and the byproducts of normal metabolism.

Instruktioner till kriyan (pdf)

Musik till passet 10 november på Hagabadet

Pavan Guru  – Gurunam Singh

Dukh Par Har – Gurunam Singh

Silent Moonlight Meditation – Gurunam Singh

Ardas Bhaee – Simrit kaur

LongTime Sun – Snatam Kaur



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