Balancing Mind and heart Unto Infinity

Posture & Mudra:
Sit in Easy Pose with a straight
Bring your hands onto your chest so that your thumbs  are tucked into your armpits.
The thumbs press against the ribs.
Rest the palms and fingers of each hand
against the chest.
Relax the elbows down by the sides.
Breath & Mantra:
Pucker the lips and inhale deeply
through the mouth with a whistle.
Listen to the whistle sound of the inhalation
as you mentally vibrate So.
Completely exhale through the nose
as you listen to the breath and mentally vibrate Hung.
So Hung means “Infinity, I am Thou.”
11 minutes.
Eyes: 1/10th open.

Comments: This meditation balances the frequency and
quality of the Heart Center. The Heart Center opens the
potential for compassion and humility. Humanity is now
going through a global transition into the Aquarian Age.
We are preparing to have kingship over the service of the
Universal force. This requires Universal Consciousness.
There are two ways of developing Universal
Consciousness: through hardship and time or through
mantra. Mantra is the easier way, but the difficulty is that
mantra opens the Heart Center and the mind has difficulty
following the heart’s frequency. But it is through the
understanding that comes from the heart that the mind


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