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Meditation to Bless Yourself

This 7th Chakra Meditation is used as a tool to communicate with our spiritual nature.
The meditation is to Bless Yourself with prosperity and uplifted consciousness.
It acknowledges the relationship to all living beings and the microcosm to the macrocosm.


Hum or Hume translates exactly to ”We”
Brahmn Hum – Brahma is God (creator) or ”God” in general.

Instruktioner till meditationen

Bra att veta

What is Kriya?

”Kriya means action.  But a kriya is not just any action; it is action that leads to manifestation.  Just like the seed for a sunflower blooms into a sunflower, the kriya for intuition results in enhanced intuition.  To break it down, a kriya is a codified sequence of postures, pranayam and mantra that integrate together in a specific energetic way.  When you focus on a particular kriya and practice it, the energy within your body responds by moving in a very precise way….”

Läs mer här om kroppslås, asanas och mudras!


Meditation for Emotional Balance (Sunia(n) Antar)

Kundalini Yoga Meditation for Emotional Balance

Place your arms across the chest and lock hands under the armpits, palms open and against the body.

Raise the shoulders up tight reaching toward the earlobes Apply Neck Lock by tucking the neck in toward the chest with the spine straight.

Eyes are closed. Concentrate on how the breath changes automatically in this position.
The breath will automatically become slow. Continue for 3-5 minutes. You can gradually increase the time to 11 minutes.

Pulling the shoulders up toward the ears and tightly locking the entire area creates a solid break to the four sides of the brain. After 2 or 3 minutes, thoughts will be there, but one does not feel them. This is a very effective method of balancing the brain.
To end, relax the hands down, sit quietly and enjoy your inner space of peace. You will notice that you have created a space independent of your rational mind. Your mind will still have thoughts and you can observe them, but you can choose to be in your peaceful space or neutral mind.